Friday, March 14, 2008

here are some random photos from my tired brain today!

First of all here is the stray cat

Our front two Saguaro's
one hidden in the back ground.

our back yard Saguaro

we have 8, 30 year old
Mesquite trees.

the front yard as we have so
many parts to our land,
EAster Eggs in the
mulberry Tree

This is a castor bean plant
Ever seen one? I have had these
growing in random places
for the past 9 years. They
are tropical and produce
great shade

this is the city of Mesa Water tower
(Duh) up on the mountain next
to our property on the west
side looking up.

this is the triple wide recked
deck and additions from our
grouchy resident Ron, whom purchased this
whole 3 acres from Tony Coury Buick
oh so long ago. This is west of the water tower
looking up.

this is the front by our door
as we have our number, names(LOL)
and the Blessed Virgin Mary statue.

Jesus just got home from school
and 4 of the dogs were greeting him

this would be three geese sitting
in a row.(in the drying out
hen house) They crack me up!

the pine tree in the front with
Easter Eggs. I love this white picket
fence as I have always wanted one.
It just looks country to me.

Pretty 1 year old pine tree
growing so nicely.

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