Friday, December 21, 2012

Such a sad day in America

One thing for certain, I am praying a lot for all these victims, families etc. that our Lord will give them the strength they need to heal their pain and find peace within their hearts one day to live each day. As that being said, my middle child is autistic, MMR, ADHD, Phychosis behaviors, and has grand mal seizures, Been hospitalized 19 times and he is only 20 years old. We are lucky as a family... to be alive and so is he. I fought for 1 solid year to place him in a group home and now he is there for over 8 years. That is not always the solution either. He is not as violent now, Thank God. It is not right to kill, I hold firm on the commandments. but until you have a mentally ill child, no one, just no one will ever be able to try and figure them out. they snap worse them typical people. There is no excuse to kill. One day I hope to help parents deal with their mentally ill child, cuz it isnt' easy. We just can't be haters, as I see so much of this on facebook on people boards regarding the killer. I am not justifiying what he did but I am simply saying that, I am not happy with this guy either, that he took all these innocent lives and no one else is at all. the system is broke and it takes these senseless violent acts before everyone raises their eyebrows to that kid needed help and on and on, then nothing ever changes. I fight my life away for my son, it's the hardest thing I ever have done. the one dad that lost his 6 year old said, the same thing. he is not hating or mad and forgives the guy and hopes their families as well can heal the pain that he caused to all these innocent victims. God is the ultimate judge.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy New Year/Happy Valentine's day

wow, I am so MIA lately and have been neglecting the blog. I wanted to go back to Typepad but, decided upon not too. I just think paying $4.95 per month is so expensive. I just need to learn more about blogspot since I have had this blog the longest.

well so much news to be share now. I have so many donations since my story for Project Flowers appeared again in the Arizona Republic. I have been picking up such beautiful flowers from so many generous people out there.

I have now completed two cemetaries and have a lady that is overlooking Mt. View for me incase flowers fall out or get emptied by the wind. That is so nice of Mary willingness to help me.

So, I am going to be starting Mesa's city Cemetary here soon. It has just been so windy lately.

well not much else going on. other then We had our 1st grandson born on the 23rd of Jan. I have to post this photos. So precious.

and again Juan passed his contractors test and so there has been such positive things going on in our positive life lately instead of so much negative.

take care all.

Friday, November 26, 2010

oh how I am so behind.

It has been hard for me to blog since Sept 13th. that day felt like doomsday for all of here as that was the last time before the 17th that we needed to relocate all the chickens, roosters, turkeys and ducks before the county inspector came here. My neighbor 3 doors down called the county on 4 of us neighbors cuz he is trying to sell and mistakely thinks we live in Hamptons(scarascially speaking). We live on a county Island and it is just a place to live, no big deal for anyone else but, a big deal for us cuz we have a HOME!

I did call the county when I first started rescuing animals as my neighbors did care as I used to have 4 geese that layed in our driveway and they never said anything then. Geese can be loud but ours were so adorable and cute, friendly of coarse. Everyone had to get along to live here.

so, the animals are boarded at devitt stables in Lehi but, are coming back soon. My heart hurts with sadness as we do have 6 hens we left here and I really need them all to come back. We'll try it again but, we are trying to find a home for our two huge roosters, as I did have 21 total but, they never all crowed.

so, I will get caught up on here soon.

I hope everyone had a very happy thanksgiving and found ways to celebrate by being grateful always! :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Creative Escape 2010

Kellie Collins mirror

Pam Black's mirror

Amy totty's mirror

Margie Romney-aslett's mirror

Laurie Stamos M

Lynette Carrolls mirror

Mrs. Lesli Spafford's mirror

Claudine's Hullmeth mirror

Mr. Heidi Swapp's mirror

the End....................... till 2011!