Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy New Year/Happy Valentine's day

wow, I am so MIA lately and have been neglecting the blog. I wanted to go back to Typepad but, decided upon not too. I just think paying $4.95 per month is so expensive. I just need to learn more about blogspot since I have had this blog the longest.

well so much news to be share now. I have so many donations since my story for Project Flowers appeared again in the Arizona Republic. I have been picking up such beautiful flowers from so many generous people out there.

I have now completed two cemetaries and have a lady that is overlooking Mt. View for me incase flowers fall out or get emptied by the wind. That is so nice of Mary willingness to help me.

So, I am going to be starting Mesa's city Cemetary here soon. It has just been so windy lately.

well not much else going on. other then We had our 1st grandson born on the 23rd of Jan. I have to post this photos. So precious.

and again Juan passed his contractors test and so there has been such positive things going on in our positive life lately instead of so much negative.

take care all.

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