Friday, November 26, 2010

oh how I am so behind.

It has been hard for me to blog since Sept 13th. that day felt like doomsday for all of here as that was the last time before the 17th that we needed to relocate all the chickens, roosters, turkeys and ducks before the county inspector came here. My neighbor 3 doors down called the county on 4 of us neighbors cuz he is trying to sell and mistakely thinks we live in Hamptons(scarascially speaking). We live on a county Island and it is just a place to live, no big deal for anyone else but, a big deal for us cuz we have a HOME!

I did call the county when I first started rescuing animals as my neighbors did care as I used to have 4 geese that layed in our driveway and they never said anything then. Geese can be loud but ours were so adorable and cute, friendly of coarse. Everyone had to get along to live here.

so, the animals are boarded at devitt stables in Lehi but, are coming back soon. My heart hurts with sadness as we do have 6 hens we left here and I really need them all to come back. We'll try it again but, we are trying to find a home for our two huge roosters, as I did have 21 total but, they never all crowed.

so, I will get caught up on here soon.

I hope everyone had a very happy thanksgiving and found ways to celebrate by being grateful always! :)

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