Tuesday, March 4, 2008

when it is such a beautiful day.............

while mom was digging a hole

to plant this beautiful sage

jesus and his friend found

these delightful critters.
Dinner anyone?

And the finished adventure.
Luis and Jesus

1 comment:

angieinpink said...

CUTEST cupcake background! I love the new blog girl! Such fun posts of your kiddo & your animals!

If you see a big D, sure that'd be awesome! I'll totally pay you for it, when i see ya next! That 'L' was so cute & unique! I loved it! I totally want to make one for my bedroom!

It was so great to see you @ the shower! You looked adorable in your {pink} outfit & flip flops!

Thanks again for the St. Patricks day card! It's so cute! Have a great day!