Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do you do Mondays??? I sure would like too!

what is Monday's like @ your house???

Well, for starters I am positive, but, beside that point,

one typical Monday(that would of been yesterday goes like this)

1. I got this horrible bruise on my stomach and it hurts! Ouch. looK above
funny thing is don't know how I got it.

2. Can't find car keys, call up hubby in Prescott to ask where he thinks I lost them, but, duh, just had them @ 4:30am coming home from route. Why would he know?? LOL

3. Find keys in car door, on drivers side, just dangling in the wind

4. Hubby says focus, hum is that what I need to do!?*%$$

5. Take daughter to work for she only informs me she is there 1 hour early(her mistake) so we do the bath and body works shop. yummy anyway.

6. Forget payroll check to pay employees, so have to drive all the way back home to go to bank but, oh taking them with me and doing this while I was by the bank would of been way too easy. LOL

7. Forget my Michaels 50% off coupon with my Michaels bag, they forgot to take 50% off last week and had to go back home after I went to bank, after I forgot check to go back home, oh only the third time.

8. Did anyone say Gas is expensive?? Hum, I guess I needed to waste more. OOPS.

9. A black chicken died, oh so sad, had the funeral, burial and teared a bit with son, whom is so in love with any animals we have or see daily.

10. Had to pick up son from all day ELP field trip from 5:30am-8:30pm. Had to stay up from 4:30-5:30am to get him there on time and couldn't go to sleep until 6am.
11. Had to pick up daughter from @ 11:30pm, and work by 2am and so look at this sleep pattern, NOT!
12. Best of all, I am alive, survived and can count my blessings day!

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