Monday, April 14, 2008

lOOK whom join our family today.....

These three chick a dees

Are they cute????
Looks like they came priority mail.
but, it is just the box I transported them from, where
the feed store receive them in the mail. he he
is this this spotted one so pretty?
hope no roosters in these three.

look how maralade and cinnamon and

peeps have grown, being here now for 2 weeks

Banana Popsicle anyone?

that would be Merlyn wanting one.


mom of fab five said...

Wow i can hardly believe those are the same chicks as a few weeks ago. It appears that they are going through the ackward teenage days--long and lanky and not quite the beauties they will be in the future.

Jenn said...

Michelle, It was so nice seeing you yesterday at the store! You are so sweet- Do you want my cat??? =)