Tuesday, April 15, 2008

maya the cat would like you all to know.....

first he loves to lay on paper anything

second he wants you to know that his owner(that would be ME)

has a busy schedule this Month of April 2008.

Third, He is delighted to be inside on this farly warm day

fourth, He is intelligent and always loves to purr like a helicopter

fifth, his bio mom was black and white

sixth his brother whom passed away 1 year ago here in our house was pure black with green eyes.

on the other hand, this hen whom should be related to our white grouchy haired hen, because you would never want to put your hand out as she will bite.
is hiliarious, trying to have her 3rd litter of babies, laying on an Easter egg wreath in a box, with real and plastic colored eggs inside. LOL do you think she knows this goes with her theme?
what a life.

1 comment:

angieinpink said...

chloe's just lookin' @ the screen sayin'..."meow" "meow"...she loves maya apparently! cute post!