Thursday, April 3, 2008

oh how sweet!

So, today I go pick up Jesus early from school to take him to a tour of his new school, that is starting in August. This for gifted children called"Mesa Preparatory Academy" an accredited, Charter school. He started off @ a charter school, when he started in K grade for the whole entire day. But, the problem with them were they kept closing their doors and I was forced to put him in the Public Schools. he actually did good and was selected in 3rd grade for ELP which was nice. I was always told he was one smart child.(must be ancestor's, that had those genes)

Ok, so then we were off to the SBE store, his hair cut, just errands in general.

So, I come home to this on the computer desk(above)
My wondeful husband always gets teased as to purchase me flowers and so today he just went to pick them from our beautiful roses. I always joke and say, just can't you pick me a weed, from where you are working? He says I have no time. ha. He always says well if you want something just purchase it. but, all women are alike, they love surprises.
This was just plain cute of him.

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