Friday, April 4, 2008


WANT ONE??????????? OR TWO???????
I'll take only two as yikes the chocolate flows out of them. the Best Cookie I ever made in the form of Chocolate chips.
So soft, chewy, gooey, lovely, buttery, round, big, delicious, scrumptious!

Plate those devilish, awesome cookies up for one happy camper below(I am only having two) without a shower, make up bagged, tired eyes, but, hey the cookies don't know any difference.

I don't like chocolate but, I just love, chocolate chip cookies and M&M's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(did I tell you I ate the whole cookie jar full once my sister made some?)

Don't I look like the JOKER on batman in this photo a little bit? LOL

Oh my........... look at the finished product

pOP them in the oven they go......
scoop them up. 15 per cookie sheet, 3 cookie sheets=45 delicious cookies~ then we use nothing but, extra large cookie sheets
And of coarse we need to buy the Biggest Bag of Chocolate Chips from Costco, 72 ounces, big!

It all started with this Gold Metal Flour that says: Extraordinary Chocolate Chip Cookies"

double click on the bag of flour for the recipe,

if you make these let me know. Really now they are so good!

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