Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's day!

To All My Mother's day friends out there in this blogging world.
And of coarse to ME!
My life consists of what I can do for someone else to make their day happier.
I am always looking for that person to help or just do something for.
but, this weekend I got to pick some things out for me.
My wonderful husband, well has no time to shop(business is booming) and so therefore
I picked out these for my own self.
these aren't in any order but, you can tell what I got then. YIPPEE!

my most favorite breakfast in the entire world.
Set this in front of me and chocolate, and well bye bye
chocolate as the winner is.......
boiled apples with oatmeal
and cinnamon and sugar on top and
don't forget the milk! This is awesome!

My niece angeles showcasing the moxie that was

the best!

I must of been having a "hot flash" and my glasses
on of coarse(look similar to my grandma) show
casing the MOXIE!!!!

And these fab ladies did this massage to

relax us before we had a hearty lunch of croissant

sandwiches, different salads, chips, salsa, cookies

fruit, and of coarse SODA!

Don't forget the skinny cows,

we had for our break in between the

afternoon shift. YUMMY!

Ta dum, this is my gifts and these beautiful roses

from SBE girly girls. this 4 Women

angie, kelli, Heidi, and Amy

well my, my they did such a great job and worked so

hard for us to have a great time!

I am ever so grateful for the greatest day!!!

thanks 1 Million ladies!



CUTTLE BUg, ever!

so much fun making the moxie
this was a very generous gift from bazzill!
Wow, I mean wow!

Angeles and her stuff! she was so happy!

We were really completing to do this or not and Angeles really wanted to make this more then ever. We would go down to SBE and look at it and then go back another day and look at it some more. talk about it on the phone, i mean this was a grand decision that took weeks to decide. Even though in our heads, we knew, we wanted to do this so much.

Then we talked to some teachers about our decision, looked at the book again and again. well, I said we can use our $5.00 off coupon, sure doesn't sound like much but, it looked like a little bit of saving for more encouragement to us.

We needed the push to say ok, just do it! Take care class as you deserve this so much. Do you not spend so much time making someone elses life better, by helping them? But, I will continue doing that regardless, but, our final result was, Hey, we do deserve to do this for a change.

{did I forget to say... i am also picked for CE this year but, hey this is my year right?}I waited for this for 3 years now but, I can't wait. I am not at all about buying for me, but, this is was wonderful!!!!

P.s. if they had a MOXIE part #2 I would be there. what a great time!

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