Wednesday, May 14, 2008

isn't this a cool card??

WEll, my neighbor across the street is graduating
on May 22nd, from red Mountain
and my niece gave me these cute stickers to us.
actually 1 whole sheet of nothing but, grad stickers
with the whole attire. I think $50 bucks is a good gift as I remember receiving loads of
$$$$$ and loads of luggage. ha
Well, that is so good for him!

but, our daughter is going to getting her g.e.d. as she is 18 and she is
not wanting to go to school anymore. she should of graduated last year or perhaps this year also. Peer pressure drew her out and she has
struggle with school since she was 5. she has been in charter schools, held back,
tutored and it is just not something she really enjoys, plain and simple.
so, we shall work on this next year. My husband only went to the 6th grade and
owns our very successful company. but, of coarse our goal is to have our children graduate.
Our two sons, 16, and 11 will graduate together as andrew is mentally ill and this works out this way. Well, we will see when the times comes.

stay in school as school is cool!

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angieinpink said...

very cute card michelle!

you are awesome! said you had a story to tell can email me, if you want?