Thursday, June 5, 2008

my make over today!

Thanks to Borghese of Italy, for giving me a make over today!
Yippee, Now if I can keep things this way. LOL

I am starting to come alive from my sleep pattern!

{but, guess what?} my DM wrote me and says she misses
Me and hurry back. What??? Yikes, I didn't think I am coming back.
I was doing this as a favor for my friend, that all.
P.S. Tonight is the Album club party at the SBE(Scrapbook etc., BEST STORE EVER!) YIPPEE!!!I love the fact that they have this party twice per year as I have been in all but, missed one. It motivates me to want to keep on scrapp'in
I love the owner as they provided a really awesome store for us to shop at\
plus the employees are so nice.


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