Thursday, July 31, 2008

wow, it has been so long since i have posted.

I guess so much going on. Well for starters I am having a blog contest,

I have a new Job and if you can Guess????????

Where I work, I will give you a prize. I love to work and for the past 12 years ABCO grocery store closed. So, I really wasn't able to work for the past 8 as our 16 year old, son Andrew, whom now lives in a group home for 4 years, was still having a hard time. So, I really have been on my own for 4 years to work but, I still have 11 year old Jesus and 19 year old Meliesa.

I worked as a sub aide for the schools off and on for 2 years, a paper route for favor for my friend for 5 months and did I tell you the DM asked for me to come back. LOL Nope too hard in the middle of the night for my brain fried. lOL

So, then I applied at Fry's, Costco and Michaels and got hired on the spot, that is a blessing to me. Every time I want to work, i get hired. Then I got asked to work at church and turned all down. the 1st three didnt' work out and i never worked there as they would not let me off like they said upon hiring me for church. 100% important in my life.

i have such opportunities to do so much but, I am limited as I am a mom and that has to be 1st and foremost my #1 responsibility. I can't just let time go by and my children slip by. I feel in my heart for our company and the way my husband works, we both can't work our life away. Someone has to be home. My husband loves to work and never complains. Actually, most think I am crazy as he loves me home. LOL The more he wants this, the more I want to work. LOL

I love this job as they are very flexible with me.

Some anoymous hints here, I can still take

1. my son to school starting August 5th,
from 8:20-3pm each day and Wednesdays from 8:20-noon.

2. I can volunteer the 3rd Tuesday of every month at night. I used to volunteer for
10 different organizations and now just 2. LOL

3. I can still go to Creative Escape!!!! YIPPEE!!!!

4. I can requests time off.

5. I still get to go to church and they work around me for that.

I get more stuff and can't tell you as I will spoil the job hint. LOL

Please Guess and this should be fun!


Tammy said...

my guess is harkins theaters...

mom of fab five said...

Oh dang--I was going to guess Harkins--LOL. It was fun seening you in class yesterday. I got mine finished with tags and ribbons--now to download pictures to put in it--i can hardly wait!!!It turned out sooo cute. See you at CE if not sooner--it will be here before you know it!

Jenn said...

Michele! How fun!!! Just to be able to see all the movies for free is a huge bonus! I have been going to the movies like crazy lately. Just saw Swing Vote yesterday, it was really good.
Thanks for the comment about my dad. He's a great guy. I am not sure what I'll do one day when he's not here. It makes me so sad to think about it. I cannot imagine.... I wish I would have gotten more of him singing on video (I guess next time).
Yes, I am going to Italy! I decided once I graduated, I was going and well, it is actually happening. I think it has finally sunk in that I am really, truly going! I leave on the 14th of Sept! There will be lots of pics posted. :)