Thursday, August 7, 2008

meet our new hens/chicks

meet ebony and Ivory.
They came to us by a very good looking cowboy.........whew................
wanting to find a good home for them on Monday, August 4th, 2008they are so darn cute and soft. We had three other silkies
but they are gone now.
they are adjusting nicely in the hen house.

these are 5 babies born on June 29th by a

incubator, from some people who hatch chicks this way.

these are 7 more new chicks that arrived on 7-16-08

they are 2 weeks old

then all 12 together. happily
these are two beautiful hens that arrived on 7-22-08 during the last

moonsoon. not by walking by me picking them up. LOL

they were born in April 2008 and are entered in the state fair

coming soon.

this is one cute chick born around 7-18 or perhaps

a little before by a black bantam mean mom. LOL


Laura Blue said...

i just have to say that i love all your animals... it's like you have your own little farm, so fun! what do you mean by am i "having any company soon?"

Marilyn said...

I am so sorry about your egg crisis! It came just in time for MY egg crisis!!! We can't eat eggs for the next THREE MONTHS! My hubbie was diagnosed as being allergic so we are going on this allergy-free diet together. I am SO bummed because eggs are needed for EVERYTHING! I am spending too much money at the health food store and reading labels like mad. So we are hoping this allergy diet will help him lose weight and help my tummy to feel better. But we can't eat eggs, wheat, milk, yeast and about 21 other things. I want to get tested too but it costs $400 and well....I have to wait!

angieinpink said...

ebony & ivory...perfect names!!

Laura Blue said...

well, this is the weekend we will be in town. i'm planning on being at scrapbooks etc around noon on friday

Laura Blue said...

yeah, clicks are never fun and neither are mean people. i totally agree with you. i hope your blog starts to work again soon. i would love to see some ce pics if you have any. take care