Thursday, October 8, 2009

August 10, 2009
I was out watering the animals in the heat, when Jesus came out and said;Mom packages came and one is very heavy(poor son is so used to this as he has been home throughout my 26 RAKs that came, and all my swaps, secret sister packages and now Let's Escape ones. I asked him to open the mail to make him feel better. but, he didn't go for it. LOL
today this one arrived:

Then this one arrived:
So, My Let's Escape package #2, had this cool stuff.

on top of these packages is a M journal, two packs of M sticky notes and a flowered list pad. Love it!!! Cute wrapping of the gifts.

E=Expression, this really big, heavy 300, 12x12 pack of paper from K&Co. Whoo-HOO!!!!

T=Transparent, a 20 pack of 12x12 transparency papers, and a MM sabrina journeling. Whoo-Hoo!!!

E=Embellishment, cute autumn leaves rub-on's, and a K&Co.Embellishment pack! Whoo-hoo!!!
Thanks from the bottom of my whole entire joyful ♥ Faye, for buying, making these adorable tags, packaging, sending, paying crazy postage rates, and thinking of me being your Let's Escape Partner. I am ready to escape to CE and forget the Calgon!!!!

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my paint can sister received her can!!!

My paint can sister was Susan from N/C. We have one thing so far common, we both love the color, RED! Faye hosted this swap and we were to make a paint can, decorated and fill with at least $25 worth of products she would like from her list, and 4 homemade items.

I loved this can, as the paper line is from margie's houseand this glass door knob, came from Hobby Lobby for the top, with ribbons and bling!

this is some of the Items I stuffed in this.

this is the composition book decorated, the clipboard, tea bag holder, and photo little book! I had a blast decorating everything!
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August 08, 2009

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