Thursday, October 8, 2009

duck dilemma...........

january 14, 2009
One week ago today we traded for these really cute ducks, a rooster named jack that was picking on Roley(another rooster). We received 5 possible names so far for the pair! We still would like to name them and so if you would like to help us and enter this contest, we would sure appreciate any imput here.
Winner receives some White Chocolate Peanut butter fudge that I made on Good morning Arizona, and then some other special Chocolate!
they are so nice, they let you hold them and bend down to let you pet them. Very gentle and soft.
One thing though, the feed store warned me about.. they eat like PIGS, oh and were they right about that. YIKES!!!!
I have always wanted ducks but, didn't know a clue about them. So, the first day, we didn't have any eggs and then in 6 days after, we received 9 duck eggs.
the white one is a girl and the brown one is a boy.
the geese aren't thrilled at all about the trade, they don't like them,(cuz the male duck likes to chase the geese) that is why we keep the ducks separate but, we have so many nosey hens whom can't stand the fact that these two ducks are by themselves. LOL So some hens venture on over to the ducks side.
Every day I get up and go and check on the game animals in the morning and periodcially throughout the day, my heart is so happy. I mean what better life then to make coffee and watch them. I am thrilled and I thank God above for giving me such strength to deal with so many animals and such fun in my life. YIPPEE!!!

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