Thursday, October 8, 2009

February 15, 2009
oh Valentine's Day
I took my Juan to massage envy for a1/2 hour massage I won from
A Scrapbook day last Mother's day. So, then we got these cute candies also.

But, then when we came home the message on the phone said the 1/2 hour card only had a certain amount on it and what?? I mean it said 1/2 hour and that was all, not $$$ amount anywhere but, we needed to go in by 8pm and pay $6.00. So, then I said Juan I will call back and see what is going on.

The lady told me she thought he had been there before and we said no, I had a massage at an all day Moxie event on Mother's day 20008 and won this free, 1/2 hour massage. And I had 2 more before somewhere else but, never at their location.

She said oh we are sorry for the miss understanding as you owe nothing.

So, I went to church in my sweat pants, sweatshirt and crocs:) to just deliver {these cute 10K pearl earrings above in he cute little red velvet bag} to our gift shop manager at our church, her gift. My husband Juan won these for free at herlsberg Jewelers and we just wanted to give them to her.

When I pulled in the driveway, there was Juan talking to massage envy, as they called again to say we owed $15 as Juan used this card already for part of the massage for 1/2 hour in October. Juan never has had a massage in America, only in Mexico. What??? I explained what the other lady said to just disregard the call, and she said oh ok.

Now isn't this embarrassing for me to give my Juan a gift and have them try twice and make us pay? Yikes

Juan ate beans and tortillas and I made homemade chili as we did have a good day!

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