Thursday, October 8, 2009

January 30, 2009
could it be Elvira part #2....
{well I have done that before}

well it started like this.
I have too much GREY HAIR and I really don't mind being 45, and to be 46 this year but, since I was 21 I was covered with GREY. I really wished my hair would turn white! I loved the white color! It matches with everything! So, the next best thing to do is go down to My most {fave}Sally Beauty Supply On Power Rd./Freeway and start this process. I was instructed this time to try this Dark Brown instead of my usual Dark Blond and then add 10 drops of unred, to stop the red highlights from coming out all of the time.

the towel headed mama!

oh just so cute and wrinkly
now let the results be shown

yes black spiked hair once more! Actually it will mellow out soon and go more dark brown. that is ok as this is my very second time looking quite the black haired lady! But, one thing for sure, it always shines! Just very black! YIKES!!!! I will be fine though as it could of turned out, red, orange, blue green, yellow or purple. LOL

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