Thursday, October 8, 2009

July 18, 2009
I woke up with the worst nauseating stomach ache as I have acid reflux already but, yikes, I was sick but, nothing came out, Good thing. Just painful for some reason all day. I know the doctor once told me that the stomach ache or the poops, is your bodies way of telling you that it is sick from something! So then Jesus had not one but, two birthday parties to attend. he only did attend one as it went longer then expected and the other one was a swim really cool party for our whole family and the weather turned bad. So, meanwhile as I took Jesus, I went to get Andrew from his group home to come over for the night. I was thinking please stomach give me a break as I have no time in my life for this. LOL Well, then Andrew got a hair cut finally and looks good but wanted kind of spikes on top, very short like mama love it but, cute!
then we got home and a while later found Peter dead, our leader goose, now pickle is all by herself(goose wise) and then she has the hens and roosters, and ducks. I need 2 more females to raise. So, then the mailman came with this awesome 18th RAK, so bad things always bring a good. Such a sweet RAK, Jody, and thanks very much, very touching.

then I wanted to include my 12 squared kits,

I won from these chicks blog: they had recycle tips and asked us all to comment. Kelli got me recycling a while back since we are farming/county and no bins here. I just save all that I can and bring it up to the City Bins and place it there! Thanks ladies ever so much as I can't wait to dig in and play!!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!!
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