Thursday, October 8, 2009

March 26, 2009
making cookies and an award!

Our now 12 year old child Jesus took this:
and ended up with this: Your general IQ score is: 115
Plus Jesus won with 2 other 6th graders, 3rd place for the entire school, for "Battle of the Books, at Salk Elementary School today. He said 3, 5th graders beat them for 1st place. And that a lot of children didn't enter as they don't like to read. He said reading is fun and he loves the adventures. he loves school and is our only child of 3 that does. He is an excelled student! Hurray for Jesusie and his team members!
ok and now to the second most important part of my day!

Wheat- Raspberry- chocolate-chip cookies!
Very yummy that you can't only eat just one, that's why I ate 3, oh my. Oh well I am going to be walking my mile again tonight just like I do twice per day, plus going to the gym. I am trying to start the Calorie Reduction diet that says I need to weigh 140lbs as I need to lose alot!

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