Thursday, October 8, 2009

September 19, 2009
today went to the feed store to load up on hay, afalfa, and grass for the farm, then feed of coarse. I got asked to help out Mrs. Kelli at the Recycle offices for the girl scouts activity again, which is so nice to help them when they need me too. then I am going to the Scrappin Sampler at SBE(best store ever) today, where you make a snipet of a teacher's project to see about taking their classes. it is only $2.50 and then you get a coupon to spend in the store of $2.50. So, it's free~! YIPPEE!!!!
they do this about twice per year. then I am going to try and finish my 10-8x8 pages for the Memory Making crafts yahoo board, technique swap. I need to get the title or instructions printed and glued on each page. I picked layers and flowers.
then we are supposed to meet up with this kind lady whom is giving us two more ducks. That will make 8 for us as we lost 2 this year, and then I can't wait to see them so we can give them names. Every animal has to have a name. We lost Booster the white roosters, 1 week ago. Sad! :(
that happens in our animal life as when you rescue or take in strays, you never really know the history of that animal. Last year, we had 8 litters of hens born alone. Now we have one hen laying on about 15 eggs, and we shall see what happens. Hopefully more chicks!!!!
Okay that is all for now and I wished to have more photos posted but, my computer is totally out of memory and I need to decided what programs to delete to free up some space. Photos tend to take up too much on the hard drive.
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