Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween fun!

we ended our night at Taco Bell for a snack. They were giving away Black Tacos, one person, that was so nice and they were yummy! So, we had nachos and cinnamon crisps as well.
Andrew showing all his candy in his treasure chest. We went out again for a little while after he dumped some to relieve the load.

there were so many cute houses all decorated for halloween. this one had tigger up on the balcony and then loads of fun by the door.

this one represented like a dungeon that you had to go into first with dry ice as smoke, I think.

this was cute, three ghosts and a skelton blow up.

I loved this skelton in the ground laying.

this one had really neat pumpkins and stuff from the walkway to the door displayed all over the place. So cute!

this was after you walked through the castle. Then the owner met you at the door with candy. LOL

this was walking through the castle as i noticed so many neighbors in this particular area, we all together for parties and BBQ's and had a block Halloween night. What fun!

this was just a sign as we were walking and I liked how the flash is. Andrew said that street wasn't a dead end cuz they had a place through the block fence in his neighborhood where you could walk through to get to another part. I said it is a dead end to cars. Smart kid. LOL

this house had a ton of decorations and I liked this Scooby doo and a ghost. It was fun to see this whole entire block decorated. then across the street, the street as closed for another block party.

A couple adults we also saw dressed up and cute.

we has the dorky baseball. LOL
Andrew displaying his scarface costume. Cute

I went out to get Andrew from his group home and Jesus was told to meet us at his friends, so we could all go out at 6pm. well, Jesus and his friends left and so Jesus got into trouble. Cuz he needs to also go trick or treating and include his brother each year. Jesus decided not to go and just walked with us. Boo hoo, I was sad but, he wasn't going to spoil our night, since he chose not to listen to mom.

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