Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas Season!

Juan and his stocking filled with nothing but,
bags of sun flower seeds, that he loves.

Stocking fun! well Charlie jumped inside instead of got treats. LOL

Andrew is 1st opening his. yippee

Andrew resting after a long day. LOL

Jesus with stocking fun!

our stockings were hung, No chimmey here. LOL

me and Chickadeta and puppy charlie

Christmas gift from Judy whom we help out with
odds and ends.

Juan talking to his family in Mexico and we opened the gift above
she made us a beautiful afghan and 2 pot holders and 1 dish cloth.

our Christmas day at church. Meliesa is missing cuz
she left and spent the whole Christmas season with Adam
and his family. that was ok, for us.

the naivity displayed in church, we had a live one outside also.

Juan opening up a gift from andrew of a movie. he also
received $ from ladies he takes to church in the van.
I also received $20 from my one sis in Wyoming.

since Juan is no longer on his own full time only part time
his boss gave him sparkling cider and a really huge bag
of peanuts. they also gave their employees a very nice
steak lunch!

posing by the tree. We didn't put up a tree inside again
as we have this live one from 2007, that I decorate outside
by the white picket fence that is so pretty.

the cookies from my sis and family. oh my yummy!

Christmas day with my boys after cleaning up. LOL

Christmas day with my boys as we all just woke up. LOL

that very yummy in my tummy potatoe soup.

andrew eating yummy panda express.

all of enjoying Christmas eve dinner at about

thanks Panda express!

oh my first I had to set out and pick up my BIL from the airport since he now works in Dallas, Texas, ya all, then it was so much fun going with my sis, BIL, and 3 nieces and 1 nephew to pass out homemade goody bags stamped with 1 banana, 1 apple, a comb, cookies etc. inside for the migrate workers.they were so happy to have someone give them something and most of all think of them. We laughed as me talked and talked. then we went to this really neat market I have been once before, called Rancho Market. We got some home made warm sesame rolls that were just out of the oven and some block cheese and we all sat in the van for a snack of yum! We also got Mexican pastries to share. she sent me home with these box of cookies and a $25 gift card to hobby lobby. I made these adorable tins for my nieces and nephew filled with goodies and I am making a scrapbook for my one sis. My other sis I sent her a magazine sub to Real Simple magazine and I also sent one to my friend Judy. My other two sisters we dont' exchange gifts.
It was such a fun day and then I had to contact Walmart to check on our 6 foot sub. We did this in 2007 and I thought what a great way to eat instead of make a big dinner, then we can have left overs after church on christmas day! but, Walmart closed and flaked on our sub and as I called home, the boys were hungry so I went to Panda Express for our christmas Eve dinner, thank you from the bottom of our hearts Panda Express for being open on Christmas eve for us! Yum!
then I had to swing by another walmart and grab some items as I was going to make Potatoe soup for christmas day I decided. Well, they forgot to put in our crackers for soup.
Oh well it all worked out great and we were happy and had a good tim
then the Next day on Christmas I made sausage, eggs and toast, cereal for breakfast as I completely forgot about our Christmas tradition for we generally have the kids make and decorate their own pancakes. Oops, next time.
then the boys opened up their stockings of a $40 gift card to Walmart from us and different candies. We had gone to church(which is the reason for the Season) and then took a photo at the altar and then we came home and I made yummy potatoe soup, gave a nice big bowl to the neighbor and then we had a relaxing day

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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