Saturday, January 23, 2010

my 3rd CJ entry!

so as I am in this awesome 2nd CJ group of 10 of us, I just completed my 2 page entry in Cheryl's book. her's was title " What I love" and it was very simple and I loved that. It was only obvious what I do love, my family, my animals, etc.

I had a good time using 4-2x3 on one 4x6 photo card for only $.28 cents at walmart. I wanted to load the pages with photos and I am so glad I learn how to do this.

Life is always about learning.

I decided to do the pages with Christmas paper and on the left side is hearts glued to ribbon and streaming down on that side a bit. I just do my own thing. LOL

I always try and keep the theme of what they wish me to do even in classes and then cuz of my own creativity, it goes my way LOL Now off to work on Mona's that is due to Karen by the 29th.

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