Wednesday, February 24, 2010

we went to say: Good bye!!!!

we came over to say goodbye to three of these kiddos
cuz they are leaving to Mexico come Sunday, Feb. 28th. wow
the last day of February! So, there is andrea, little new baby Stepfany,
carla and Jose Manuel(isn't leaving though)

and Juan holding stepfany that is 1.5 months born on Jan. 6th
with Andrew and Jesus.

and tia Angeles whom adores all of these little girls
whom she lives with, as their dad is already in Mexico since Sept.

and we brought them all a balloon!

cute Jose Manuel with stepfany!

and I have seen them all since birth also as this one little
girl surely looks like the dad. the dad is my husband's nephew,
his oldest sister son and then Angeles is the sister of him.

Juan is trying to leave to go to Mexico to see his family and his house
sometime this year as she has not been there since april 2006, and used to go every year, but, since the economy is so tough and he is the only one working, it is harder now.
we will see them all again sometime soon but, they will all grow up. I know the rest of the family plus the dad is so excited and especially to see his newest little girl.

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