Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patrick's day cards and Bargains

I made these cards for my card club people that I send them to each and every Month.

the two teachers whom gave me over $1,000 worth of stuff to create, well she gave me some of this green paper that is so darn cute. It has a bug on it with a mushroom. since I have been scrapbooking for almost 12 years, I always love the looks of the paper, before I go to the name. LOL I can't get used to saying the names.
I purchased this cage from the Kawanis club to help the Apache Junction Youth for only $1.00. I like this one better then what the two little turkey babies was in before. I have about 4 cages as I need them when I rescue and go and pick up the animals.

I got these at a yard sale for only $.50 for all 5 of these Pottery Barn plates. So, darn cute.
for some odd reason I love saucers.
I have a strawberry kitchen but, anything goes in the cupboards.
I am some what of a brand name collector and it is so fun
to see what I can get for a buck, in my simple-conservative life! :)

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