Friday, March 5, 2010

we have new chicks yippee!!!!

These Nosey hens are trying to figure out what is behind door number 3. LOL

I had to transfer these adorable 8 babies from the shed where the mom hatched her eggs in this bucket. She was so nice to me when I had to lift her up first and then put her in her seperate cage. her name is Mommy as this is her third flock, the 1st one was 14, the second one she hatched 5 and now this one she hatched 8 babies.
she is safe and sound now in the hen house.

oh she has 10 more eggs to hatch if she does

she is laying on her eggs in the shed.

Aren't these so darn cute, as this is when I first saw them. oh my I was so happy!

this si when I first saw the baby chicks as they must of been born on the 3rd of march.

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