Tuesday, June 22, 2010

how are gardens are growing so nice.

I am purposely letting this large yellow squash grow to see how big it will get. It is doing great as Juan thinks if I keep it in there for a long time, the whole entire plant will die, but, it hasn't yet.

so far, we have been able to get 15 yellow squash off this huge plant. Luckily the radishes are over as the squash took over the left side of this part.
here is the fluffy lettuce. It is so neat how this part of it grows like stocks. I have been taking it off and giving it to the animals since it is more bitter. My friend Marilyn said that happens for summer time lettuce.

I love how this part as really grown so much as we had smaller patches up by themselves. in the background is cucumbers but, I think it is getting too hot for them now.

I love our tomatoe plants as they just smell so delicious. this one was put in by seeds

this tomatoe plant was put in by a starter plant for $.59 cents from the nursery. I am so happy how it has grown so much and there are some tomatoes on it now. Over to the right are some yellow and red chilis, were hoping will bloom soon.

I could just touch this as I have and got the scent on my hands and then it smells so good.
next to that plant in between both plants are some green bell peppers.

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The Roberts Family said...

we want to start a garden so bad! and this makes me want it even more!