Tuesday, July 13, 2010

on July 8th I ventured on over to Phoenix....

to Fox 10 news to bring them this nice goody box of stuff, that I didn't get a photo of, cuz Jesus went to disneyland/Hungtingbeach for a few days, and had my digital camera. so, it was filled with garden tomatoes, zuchanni, crafts from the children, and cards. so very nice.

I also visited every station but, channel 8 to get some news story for my project flowers and about 3 radio staions plus the new times paper. I then went to McDonalds for lunch and this homeless man said something to me. He then repeated himself and wanted a meal. Awe, the look in his eyes was sincere and we are told to feed the hungry by God above!

so, I took him inside with me and got him a Big mac meal deal, yum! I love the Quarter pounder ones. He was happy, as his name was:"ED" and he thanked me and said: God bless you and that too me, was the best gift back ever!

I felt good as I make it a point each and every day to do good for someone. Amanda at the SBE store said Michelle, you are unique, you go out each day and just do it for someone. :)
Awe that was nice, I guess this is my calling and I know no difference to whom I am. :)

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