Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yummy Food!

If it's Korobi beef from Panda Express

1 case of orange bell peppers from the Veggie Market
Or lemons that look like oranges from Friends

or pies from Village Inn via my sister

or chocolate cupcakes a plenty for a son's birthday party

or potatoe soup for a nice cold day

or my sister's mixture of fruits/veggies

or a beet found to make anyone's heart Beat. LOL

or a yellow squash in a summer time garden

or fresh eggs or geese, duck or hens

or the 1st fruits from a very different tree

or a case of apples for apple bread

more picked yellow squash from the summer garden

or a creative way a son makes a pac man pizza

or gifts of yummy bread

or huge lemons

or more yummy yellow squash

or green chili's from sister's garden

or radishes from garden and the 1st yellow squash

I just love taking photos of food, cuz it is so colorful, happy and fun!

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