Sunday, March 2, 2008

meet our son, Jesus

Meet Jesus, almost 11 years old in 22 days from today,
Born on his due date,
Smart, great kid and student, polite,
Baby of the family(just like his mother, ME),
Wants to be a police officer, on the other hand,
(mom, ME wants him to be a Priest)
Respectful, helpful, sensitive, Kind, happy,
faith filled, loving, caring, and overall just
A blessing from above. P.s.
He comments that children have too many days off
Of school. (oops that part wasn't like his mother)


But, one thing I forgot accident prone(like his mother)
Ouch! He got hit Just today with a baseball bat hitting
A pinata at a B-day party, after church.
OOh, poor thing on his leftArm.
So concerned he won't be able go to school, but, he
Can and that makes him more happier.

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