Saturday, June 28, 2008

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I was tagged by Sarah, so here it goes, caution, could be long!

8 Random Facts About Me*

1. I am a giver, not a big taker. I have the hardest time taking as I think because we were always told to give and I never knew how to really take. What a crazy thing for me at times as when someone gives me something, i feel I should give them something back. make it known, I am very much appreciative of anything.

2. i am pretty happy go lucky. I am grateful to be alive each day and live my life to the fullest.I don't care too much for peer pressure and people that think they have to have everything to be happy. One of my favorite saying is: It is not what you have, it is whom you are that counts." I have never been depressed but, I have been sad. I feel like coping skills are a blessing to me and I deal with my problems as they come to me. I feel sad for people whom are depressed as i know a bunch of them. My wish is for all to be happy.

3. I prayed for 3 children and received 3 children. Be careful what you pray for. What a gift there. i mean some can't get pregnant and some don't' want children and do. Regardless of my everyday adventures kids are a gift and will learn. Parenting isn't easy as one of my children is mentally ill. He was born sick and i placed him in a group home 4 years ago. It was the best thing I could do for him and for our family for peace and safety.

4. i love animals of all kinds. We have geese, chickens, chicks, roosters, dogs and cats. We have had hamsters, rabbits, and a baby squirrel before. I have a hard time when I lose a animal as people are suppose to suffer and die but, animals are just different for me to handle.

5. I have never had a new home in my entire life that I have lived in going away from home. i would never know how this would feel and so hope one day we can live in one. We did(or my husband built a new home in Mexico, a 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, kitchen for $8,000. we are now having his one sister live inside With her husband and two children. Hope to retire there some day.

6. I am very talkative as well but, I love to listen. I hold secrets as I can't remember whom told me to tell whom so I just don't say anything. I do occasionally mess this part up. I have made a goal to walk in a place and not talk to someone, but, that is the day someone starts talking to me first. LOL There was never a day when I didn't know someone in the stores but, now I am finally seeing friends I know again, could even been from 20 years ago.

7. I love to work. The more my husband loves me home, the more I want to work. LOL Totally the opposite of most. I really think it is important at this day in age for both to work. When I was married the 1st time, we both never thought anything differently not to both work. But, when I met and married Juan, he loves women home and to be there for the children. Sure the reason why 11 years ago when we had Jesus, did stop working and stay home was the grocery store I was working at for 1o years, closed down. But, I had Andrew to content with and it wasn't easy and so I really had no choice. I decided to go back to college and see if I could finish my degree but, that work for a while but, not long. I only have 18 credits under my belt as a P.E. teacher major. My husband is not controlling as I have sold Avon for 14 years, recruit others for 3 years to sell, started up sandalloons, worked as a aide for the schools, Fry's food and drug for 20 hours, delivered phone books and did a favor for my friend's AZ republic route, we started up Aguilar's mobile home set-up. So, I have had stuff to do. I also was in the AJ mom's club for 5 years and met friends that we still keep in touch and did a lot of activities plus started scrap booking there.

8. I love to volunteer. As at one point I helped 10 different organizations. I have been in the paper lot as well. Here are a few I have helped:

AJ's mom's club speaker coordinator, Young Lives Mentor Mom to 3 girls, Vincentian for St. Vincent De Paul, Respect Life Coordinator, Eucharistic Minister, Ca thesis teacher, Vacation Bible School crafts or kitchen help, Autism research society volunteer, Valley Big Sister, channel 8 drive, and gosh so many more. There is always programs that would not exist without help! Go out and volunteer and make someone's day!

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angieinpink said...

#9: You are awesome & absolutely you. Love that you are so genuine.

Have a happy 4th!

angieinpink said...

ps: where did you get that cute stamp you put on my happy fourth card???

i love it!