Saturday, June 28, 2008

ok, i have been tagged

by my sweet and charming friend Marilyn. Ok, Sarah I will tag and finish that one too! LOL

4 places I 've lived:

1. Mesa, Arizona

2. Tempe, Arizona

3. Apache Junction, Arizona

4. Omaha Nebraska(born there just by accident)

4 shows I watch

1. Drive-ins, dives and diners

2. Life Time Movies

3. Good Morning Arizona(news)

4. talk shows

4 jobs I have had

1. cashier for ABCO Foods

2. secretary for car dealerships

3. worked at DQ fun, fun, fun

4. instructional aide for reading

4 placed I'vd visited

1. Denver, colorado

2. Mexico

3. new Orleans

4. pennyslvania

4 blogs I read regularity.

1. many of my blogging friends

2. recipe blogs

3. scrapbook teacher blogs

4. group blogs

4 favorite foods

1. pizza

2. icecream

3. chips and salsa

4. Oatmeal with cooked apples

4 placed i would rather be

1. our home in Mexico

2. Beach

3. West coast

4. Colorado

4 things I am looking forward to next year

1. our property being paid off

2. travel somewhere

3. gas prices going down

4. remodeling, building plans.

4 things I do in my spare time.

1. read my faith calendar

2. watch a good movie

3. scrapbook, gosh I am so behind

4. make my monthly cards to send out.

4 favorite things to do with kids/family

1. play games

2. go to the movies

3. spend time together(sometimes this is impossible these days)

4. go out to dinner.

these people I tagged: Laura, Angie, Susan, Sarah, Leann, Jenny, Tammy,

and anyone else that would love to play along!

take care

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