Sunday, June 22, 2008

today we had to say goodbye to Merlyn

Was put to sleep just tonight and it is so sad for our family. He was 10 and we got him at 9 years ago.
He a artic wolf and we had to read about him 1st, then the owners of the pack had to check out
Our property to be able have him. They loved us as much as we loved him that they gave us
Him for free as he was from Alaska. Well, after we lost patches another shitzu
We had about 4 years ago, merlyn really love chickens, cats and anyone. He got very mellow and more loveable.
We will surely miss him as he was just old and Tired.
We have 5 other dogs plus all of the other animals, that will surely keep us busy but, it is just so hard to lose a animal.
I didn't like the fact we did this on our daughters birthday but, it just happened. Our daughter was gone for most of the day so we will do her cake perhaps on Sunday.


ro said...

what a beast! so sorry you are having to say goodbye to such a wonderful animal.
i'm one of those people who just likes to look at random blogs and yours popped up.

Denise said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of such a sweet puppy. Talk with you soon, roomie ;)