Thursday, October 8, 2009

April 05, 2009
Guardian Angels!
Hi all, Good Sunday Morning to you. Oh my Guardian Angel was with me today like most days keeping me safe. I had noticed stray dogs around our neighborhood and some stray cats that had died I N our yard off and on For the past few months. I wondered what it was all about, until today. I was outside going to get the paper, as I wake up very early and there they were, one pit bull and one black Dog of some sort. The pit bull came charging after me for no apparent reason at all, after seeing Me in my own driveway, it came after me and of coarse I ran into our gate, and it slide in our driveway and stop. Yikes. I know when a dog is chasing you, never run but, I am so afraid of pit bulls. I have heard too many stories of what they have done. I have also witnessed my daughter's friend saying oh my pit bull is so nice and then in the next moment trying to Attack one of our dogs and then attacking our rooster. Why are they so mean? Do they get trained like this or the instinct? I know that this couple just lost their baby a while back from Their pill bull/chow dog attacking her. And we hear so many more stories. Yikes, it just scares me as my heart Was just a beating. Worse for me then a black widow spider. Take care and hope your Guardian Angel protects you!

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