Thursday, October 8, 2009

April 06, 2009
{here is a photo of Dave the Greeter at Fry's on Recker and McKellips, telling my boys where the plastic bag recycle bin is as they aren't normally with me when I take them.}
Because we live in rural farming, we don't have recycle blue bins, so we must save what we can and take everything over to the Decatur office. In the parking lots there is loads and loads of recycle bins. It just feels so good and makes sense to give the Earth a chance, to do our part, that comes from the heart!

And here are the Blue bins for plastic bottle, jars, cans etc.

And here is Andrew, he stands by the Cardboard bin and not for greasy pizza boxes. They should put something in the box that helps the grease not go on the inside and then we could recycle the pizza box. I would like to write pizza companies and see what they can do.
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