Thursday, October 8, 2009

April 08, 2009
today I am frumpy!
I hope that is a good word to use but, never do I find myself so angry, or frustrated, or grouchy, or complaining, or tired, etc. but, today yes things are bothering me. We have been preparing ourselves for 40 days of lent and starting tomorrow, we start Holy Thursday(passover), then Good Friday(Jesus dies), Holy Saturday, and then Happy Easter Sunday.

I will be ok though, at times I get so darn angry as why don't men hold my door in stores, why are people so impatient, why do I say excuse me 1,000 times per day to the person whom ran into me or stood in my way, hit me with their cart, rushed me out of line or was simply so impatient etc. My logic thinking is patient is the key to life and impatient causes high blood pressure right?

And the funniest thing is I love people, but, everyone is different.

the end, time to go to bed now. Hurray! never a day like today, that I wished more for bedtime. :)

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