Thursday, October 8, 2009

April 19, 2009
at last I am back online again.
We are in a flood plain so out internet can go off with a rain storm. So, meanwhile here is some of our Easter Festivities. Since I knew that Andrew was going to just come over on Easter Sunday and Meliesa would be gone from after School on thursday-Sunday, I decided to give them their little Easter Gifts the before Wednesday. We used to do Easter baskets and have them ready in the front cute yard, wake them up and "Surprise" but, now at 16, 19, and 12 well it isn't the same anymore. Boo Hoo. LOL

Jesus got new Dickies Tennis shoes as he really needed them and so did Andrew, but, (no photo)

Meliesa got a blow dryer that she kind of needed.
then we dyed these before church on Easter Morning since Andrew came over, from the group home. His were on the bunny plate, and Jesus's were in the {L} back, {L} front is the duck eggs they took turns coloring, and the {R} back were the huge geese eggs that turned out so colorful!

then we went to church and I always do a tradition,to have our photo taken by the Altar. I love going to church the best on any holiday or Sunday!
then we came home and I made egg salad sandwiches for lunch and relaxed.
Hope you all had a very Happy Easter!
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