Thursday, October 8, 2009

December 29, 2008
Well, we got up as our traditional christmas breakfast is the children get to decorate their pancakes. But, for some odd reason, we had none, so we ate random things and then I let the boys open their two gifts that they had. We had no idea where Meliesa was as she lives in the back of our property now and so they were happy with the little they got. It is tight now with the economy and then with the shortage of Juan's major check that caused a mess but, we will be ok. then we went to church, which is my most favorite part of Christmas ever.
In Society, Christmas can be so stressful for all not having money to buy the right gift and then getting too upset that the receiver won't like it and the giver gets high blood pressure. So, my friend Judy always gives me her old cards and so I like this one the best=
search no longer for the perfect christmas gift- it has
already been given to us all. His name is Jesus!
So, meanwhile I am so thankful I never had our children say to us, it that all I get.
We then had hotdogs and beans while we were awaiting the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, and then just like Thanksgiving, we forgot the cranberry sauce, olives and pie until after the fact just like this time around. LOL. We had them in Between Thanksgiving and Christmas but, then they were ate again. LOL
Hope everyone's day was great. We didn't decorate near as much as we generally did for some reason as I guess this time around I was working. But, we did use the tree in the front yard for our Christmas tree. It was planted for our 2006 Christmas tree, we used inside.
boy do we have tons of decorations we didn't use. but, there is always 2009.

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