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well today.

December 19, 2008
well today......
I feel very happy when I talk more about this subject: foster parenting. well, I have prayed about this and about 3 weeks ago I told Deacon Santa at our parish after church, that I feel the Lord wishes upon me to be a foster parent. he said you know Michelle, you have a lot of love to give. I have done everything I was set out to do and of coarse I like my job 1-3 times per week at the harkins but, I love children, 100% more. I have now been in contact at the AASK organization, to start the process to see if we can indeed become licensed.
I was brought up in Arizona, in a very abusive household, been hungry, and without loving parents, saw things I should of never before and was hit cuz I smiled too much and was happy. My mom's 1st and foremost priority was not her children and it was alcholic and men. I was homeless per say at 16 and the Lord was there for me at all times helping me overcome conditions beyond my life. I had over come stastics and decided to help, become more positive and got the strength with amazement.
I then decided that others need help like me. I volunteered for almost 10 different organizations at once, and one was to help, pregnant and parenting teens. I ended up helping them for about 5 years with 3 different teens to try and help. I have this calling for children and so I worked for the schools off and on for a while and tried to get my physical education degree, for the past 25 years but, it is hard. I dont' feel at this time in my life I am doing enough. Sure there is an extra room that I turned into my scrapbook room, but, I can remodel that for children whom are looking for a place for love and safety. Our home is a safe haven. So, I would appreciate prayers for us, to make this dream become a reality.
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