Thursday, October 8, 2009

hola to all

December 18, 2008

How everyone doing? Well, with me ok, what could be better, each day getting up and being with my hens, geese and roosters, dogs and 1 cat and loads of strays.
I am thankful each day I am able to live, meet new people, and just be happy regardless of what life brings. I had a lawyers office and a bank tell me today, Yikes you both have bad luck. LOL
I told everyone, if we had no bad luck, we'd have a luck at all and that if something worked the 1st time around, we would pass out. LOL well, our insurance denied out claim, and so we are filing a lawsuit, our Toyota van we purchased 1 year ago is a lemon and has accessive brake problems, and so Mr. Tex is receiving my letter to deal with perhaps the Toyota Manufacturer as there has been front brakes applied 4 times this year, new rotors, my suspension is leaking,(thank God not mine but, the van's) LOl, and it needs brakes again. Now if I was much older then 45, I think I may be causing this as some retiree's ride their brakes but, i am not. So, meanwhile that is all that is happening that way.
Last night though I got trained to sell tickets @ Harkins, which is a grand priviledge for a employee, as that happens when you are accurate with $(don't tell my husband ok?) and if my hubby saw the cleaning video, he would say oh my, is that my wife. LOL I feel most days I am overqualified and should be helping out more finanacially though.
My hubby got shorted $6,000 from a dealer, and he is not paying him(but, we heard he is taking a cruise) must be nice so we have not got paid since November 10th, and will be paid this Friday and Saturday, hurray!
Ok, well I hope you all are doing good and my good friend Tammy( and her husband Ken gave me a surprise, I must tell you more later. HINT HINT= I am the hardest person to give to and must really pray about taking from all as I love to Give!
well, oh my stars I only have 5489 emails to read as I am still using the computer at the library and it is quite the dicipline for me, as then I can get more organized at home. I have so much to do like most! Ps. I can't wait to post photos one day!
ta ta for now world. :)

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