Thursday, October 8, 2009

February 11, 2009
these 9 little adorables.
So for some odd reason I am to learn about, Mother hens at one point, straying away from their babies. Only to lay more eggs and do it all over again. It can be very traumatizing for the little chicks at first until they adapt on their own.

Well the Mother hen surely helps them from the moment the egg is hatched, to learn but, they seem to have a much harder time at night that the mother hen is gone from them as she generally wraps her wings around them to sleep. That makes me feel sad for them as I just want them to be happy. They are left unprotected and pretty unhappy till they eventually fall asleep but, it was like having a new born baby, they could not settle down.
Well, this was the case the past two nights for these 9 adorable's.

here is sunday night while it rained. they were brought inside and slept on top of the washer in this cage above.
Their mom had 14 baby chicks(our biggest liter yet), 3 died and 2 were just gone.
Well thanks to our neighbors stray cats I presume and his puppy that took some of our hens, that he didn't want to tell me about, but, we needed to know so weren't trying to find out what happened to them.

Well, now their one tree they laid on at night, is cut down to avoid them falling into the neighbors yard, which is our fault, not his puppy's. So, I am "Mothering" the 8 chicks that are left from the 29, and these 9. These are so happy that I put them in here and then a towel is put right on them and then another on is on the cage. They seem to be doing so much better now as they feel the sense of warmth and protection tonight and can finally get some rest.

I did such a great job being their Momma hen mom, that last night, Tuesday, they settled in this cage all by themselves outside. I was so proud they learned. YIPPEE!!!

Good Night all, sleep tight and may you all be safe and protected!

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