Sunday, October 25, 2009

for today......

just a fun thing to do from Ali Edwards blog:

Outside my window...Beautiful Sunrise, calmness and roosters crowing.

I am thinking... about if I should work for this lady that needs my help every other Sat/Sunday from 6am-9am for $40 per shift.

I am thankful family, my church, our friends, my house, Hot water, AIR CONDITiONING, gas to cook, clean water to drink, my faith that continues to grow, wisdom, understanding,food, clothing, simple things in life.

From the kitchen...bananas, scrambled eggs with mixes and hot biscuits, coffee and apple juice. I am crocs, shorts and a pink top. .

I am Thanksgiving cards with a cute saying. .

I am eat breakfast, plant a plant, feed the game animals and then go to church.

I am reading...the new Ladies Home Journal and the gospel for today.

I am hoping...for us to get to Mexico here eventually.

I am hearing...the cats playing, the dog’s playing and the roosters crowing and some hens laying eggs. .

Around the house..there is still one more mouse to get caught, as three have been so far. .

One of my favorite things.. to help others, and look at photos. .

A few plans for the rest of the week...finishing up passing out boutique postcards to MPS, deciding if I am taking this job and then interviewing, Working on scrapbooking and hanging out. LOL

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