Saturday, October 24, 2009

the wedding.

On Oct. 16th we were invited to a wedding but, I thought it was the 16th on SAturday(the 17th) but it was the 16th on friday at 3pm. LOL I got so confused and we all got dressed and hurried out to St. George's Catholic church and there was only 3 cars in the parking lot. I thought oh my what is wrong and sure enough, we were a day late. I never have for the life of me remembered being invited to a wedding on Friday but, a reception only. I think where I might of been so confused in the week is cuz we had out 10th year anniversary on Oct. 10th and then we got it Blessed and renewed on Oct. 11th. I was thinking mind set that Sunday was the 1oth and from them on it's history. Now i am back on track. LOL

so, I made this beautiful album for them as my very second wedding album I ever made. We gave it to the family to take to a dinner we were invited to also on Saturday but, didn't attend.

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