Thursday, October 8, 2009

July 23, 2009
My paint can Arrived from my partner!!!!!
On the Creativeescape2009 yahoo groups, we have several swaps we do only if we wish too! Well, this year I signed up for about 7 of them and this one was one of the ones I did last year also. We submit a questionaire to our hostess which was Faye and then she distributes our name to someone and then we get someone's name. Just so happens, that Susan got me and I got her. LOL We both have the liking of the Color RED as our most favorite. so, today FED-X dropped this by the door and when I got home, Jesus met me by the door and said I had to close my eyes for the Big surprise, oh wow, so neat, oh wow, he said. LOL Cute. So, then I was so amazed also with this can and all the Disney stuff. I was in a all things tim yahoo groups, circle journal and I called mine all things disney so that is the closest ever, I got to having pages complete. From our first family trip to Disneyland/California Adventures in 2006, to my trip as a mentor in 2002, and then from my trips to Disney in the 1980's. So, I have a lot of Disney to Scrapbook!
Here is the paint can back side, oh my:
so darn...........Cute......................

some of the stuff..........................Wow!!!

the paint can front side..........oh so romantic................cute!!!!

more of the stuff. oh my so grateful and thankful for her shopping, making, packing, shipping all these incredible things for ME!!!!
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July 22, 2009
I got RAK again so much on this CE Yahoo Board!!!!!
Today I got Happy Mail again today. My 21st and 22nd RAK. YIPPEE, yahoo!!!!! My 21st RAK is from Kathleen H from California and she gave me these cute things:

Then I got another package my 22nd, from Lisa M. from Georgia, and this is what I got:

thanks to both of you ladies for your kindness and thoughtfulness to me!!!
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July 20, 2009
my 19th and 20th RAK.... whoo-hoo!!!!!
today I received happy mail! Debbie from Texas was so generous to make this little embellishments for me and then with 3 different types of ribbon, black polka dots, black Zebra, and these flowerly bling CE ribbon, All cute as she calls this the RAK Fairy. LOL Thanks so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness today.

Then I got a nice cute egg/chicken letter from my niece and then my sis from QC, sent me these stickers. I love Stickers so much! I have a note book binder filled and a stickoponous cute red note book with some also. I wondered if she is reading my blog and sent me this RAK> LOL way cute!!!!

then I got this cute wipe off board and decorated it CE style baby!!! :)

cute plus a photo of my family from Easter!

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July 18, 2009

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