Thursday, October 8, 2009

July 24, 2009
My 23rd and 24th, CE yahoo board RAK received!!!
today I received happy Mail again, yippee!!!
this first one came from Connie C. from the CE yahoo boards. Wow, she gave me some Heidi Swapp goodies of 5 travel Credit card slides, 1 HS damask, cute message, HS, 17 piece credit card frames, chip board hangers tied in pink tulle, she made me a cute magnet, and a cute zebra ribbon all tied around Jelly Bellies. YUM!
She packed everything so cute in this tulle!

thanks I received this nice package from Faye:

she made extra title for her 8x8 swap and then sent them to us ladies and I love how she does this very talented. The CE 09 on the R side is in acrylic. So, cute!!!!
thanks Connie and Faye for your thoughtfulness and kindness!!!
I have 4 more to send out , which totals 30, I've sent. but, I never would imagine receiving this many. So, grateful for everyone involved!
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July 23, 2009

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