Thursday, October 8, 2009

June 27, 2009
a boy and his books!
It all started when Jesus whom just loves to read books, was sent a $20 gift card from my older sis in Wyoming to Barnes and Noble, for his 12 Birthday. He wanted to go there shortly after and he loves Rick Riordian books of Adventure. He has two books of his and only had read 3 of his 5 so far. so, we found out he was coming to a book signing on June 19th at 6pm.
So, earlier in that day we were able to get the free tickets to go and then he would bring his two books for the signing. I believe they had over 1,000 in attendance and it went so smoothly though. they had activities for the children to do like games and a scavengar hunt, etc. so, meanwhile since Jesus was the Letter Q, we finally got his books signed by 8:30pm. It was fun and the weather was not all that HOT, so, I told Rick that Jesus loves him and his books and that one was torn. He said he was thrilled that Jesus loves his books so much, that he wore them out. LOL

Rick signing Jesus's 2 books and see the rip of the one in the upper corner. LOL

Jesus displaying his fun night! It went great and they all did a good job!

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Random Photos of Charlie!

Charlie with the two baby hens. so cute! he loves them all.

Charlie's 1st Bath and he didnt' really like it much!

charlie playing with the baby kittens as we have 3.

He is introduced to soooo many animals here and seems to love them all. the only thing when he first saw the kittens, he pulled ones tail and we are trying to teach him not too. He is so darn cute and we love having him.
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June 26, 2009

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