Thursday, October 8, 2009

June 29, 2009
The beauty and the Beast!
so, in our yard we do have many trees, plants and flowers and these occassionally pop up and make me smile. I wonder if it is a gift from heaven to make something good, when were feeling quite the HOT!!!!( and did I say Humid) Yucky and sticky!

then this kind of weather keeps testing our lives the past few days and tonight we had a double rainbow and we even had some of the rainbow in the middle of this. I dont' know if you can see this or not.

It looks scary but, no rain here. just a big tease again to make us humid as well as HOT! We are ok, though hopefully this week we get our new air conditioner!

and life is not so bad staying in the travel trailer where is it cool now!
Jesus hanging out with Max(one of our 6th dogs to stay cool!
Then I guess the stray cats like to lay here to stay cool!

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June 28, 2009
ok, it hot....
Well, we have always love the land we have and here is some photos to remind yourself of the beauty and gratefulness always.

this cactus blooms more flowers as the other day I totally forgot to take a photo of the whole thing covered with flowers then they close at night to sleep. LOL
I oftened wondered with the "bad luck" we have had if the guy whom established this place, who died here, has an unsettling spirit and won't go to heaven and we are getting the badest of luck.( his niece did threw his urn in the trash we were told by one of our neighbors, whom has it now in her house) sad.
Hum, makes a person wonder. Well we are still waiting on the air conditioner to work since lightening took it down as our insurance paid us but, made the check out to us and the mortgage company. Then we sent the check via South Dakota and they said it won't be longer then 10 days. What madness. I am so glad we are positive and surviving in the 105 in our house and 108 or more on the outside. I know others would never but, we put our dogs whom are more fragile then us in the travel trailer resting in a nice cool temp and then we can go there off and on during the day and then especially to sleep.
here are some more photos of a few of our outside plants. We have a bunch!

this pretty plant has lilac flowers that are so pretty and heat tolerant.

and one of these many plants of zucchini's which are doing great=feeding our bodies very soon! YIPPEE!!!

What are you grateful for?
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