Thursday, October 8, 2009

March 12, 2009
the egg!

waking up one morning to discover this egg that drop out of a hen unexpectionally. These two chicks, aren't the owner as they were just wondering what it was or how it got there. LOL Funny photo huh? As here is another and it looks like they are conversing about it.
Ok,well our home has been without power as we are fixing the pedestal now from the lightening strike way back last November 2008. So, we shall be back up at home soon, but, it hasn't been so bad beings it is only March and cool. Well, we now have fixed our phone lines, gas lines and water. We have been without those resources also this year.
I was telling my husband that I believe we should as well as anyone else, to just shut everything off once per week and have that quality family time together. We have family time on Sunday after church but, to just not have any interuptions is better. Sometimes in our very grateful life, we take the simple things for granted, like trying to turn on the power switch in the house and not having any power. As Juan and I are survivors and have been completely without in our lifetime, we make it with whatever.
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